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About us

The Polytext Translations Company was established in 1994 as a successor to the Translations Cooperative Society “Trinadtsat” established in 1989 among the first Moscow translations cooperative societies./p>

Our company is actively engaged in delivering professional-level translation of scientific and technical documentation and literary works pertaining to the most diverse areas of expertise from any source foreign language to Russian and vice versa.

Subjects of Translations
The core interests of our clients, among which we proudly list tens of major foreign and Russian companies, span such areas as oil and gas field development and exploitation, petroleum and gas transportation equipment, petrochemical technology, paint-and-varnish manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, medical equipment, pharmaceutics, telecommunication equipment, tool manufacturing etc., as well as all types of legal documents such as agreements, contracts, patents, financial and audit documents relating all of the above-listed sectors of industry.

The Main Principle
The translator must have a strong and knowledgeable background in a particular theme. This allows us to guarantee the required level of proficiency and quality of translation. For this reason, we aspire to engage only specialists in a particular area of the sciences and technology, consequently, we do not classify translation orders based on a scale of complexity. Hence, our slogan: "A subject-matter is only simple if you are master in it!"

The Second Principle
A material must be translated not only at the highest degree of technical expertise but must also conform with the accepted style, and certainly, must abide by the grammatical rules of the target language. Experience shows that even the most skillfully done translation requires verification and revision. Therefore, after the translation, which is made, as a rule, by native speakers of the target language, we engage an editor and proofreader to do finishing works.

The Third Principle
Our clients are always right! This implies that our clients' wishes and desires as regards translation deadlines, layout, use of special pre-formatting or post-formatting software, use of customized terminology and glossaries, confidentiality etc., are our commands.

Adhering strictly to these three principles enables us to take pride in our translation products, which serve as sources of pleasure to us and to our clients.

We do not promise everything but accomplish everything we promise.

Translations company «Polytext»
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