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Our pricing policy is based on the following complementary premises. On the one hand, highly skilled labor should be compensated with dignity, and on the other hand, it is without doubt necessary to consider the state of Moscow's translations market, current price structure and the financial predisposition of our clients. Therefore, when negotiating service terms with our clients we are always prepared for a mutually-acceptable degree of compromise albeit, without resorting to dumping terms. While we have the utmost respect for our clients' interests, we likewise value our services dearly. We are also strongly convinced that cheap labor never correlates with high quality of service. Our conviction stems from the numerous re-translation offers we receive regularly from companies lured by low translation rates advertised by dubious translation firms. Indeed, the miserly pays twice!

Translations company «Polytext»
Presnensky val 27, bld 11, office 415, Moscow, 123557, Russia
phone/fax +7 (499) 272-4761, +7 (925) 175-5153.
e-mail: info@polytext.ru