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About us

At POLYTEXT, our core area of specialization is translating scientific, technical, medical and legal documentation from foreign source languages to Russian and vice versa. We offer translation services in a vaste array of languages ranging from widely spoken Western European languages - English, German, French, Italian, Spanish; Slavic languages - Czech, Slovakian, Polish, Serbian, Croatian; Scandinavian languages - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finno-Ugric language group; Oriental languages - Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Hebrew; to all languages of the former USSR.

Selection of Translators
In view of the wide variety of themes and languages we deal with, most of our specialists work on a contractual basis. We select qualified executors from our pool of translators. The selection procedure is performed in a manner such that beside being proficient in the subject-matter of the given translation order the executor is a native speaker of the target language.

The Production Process
As a rule, our production process is structured as follows. In parallel with but at one step behind the translation phase, we perform computer-aided formatting of the material with full consideration for typographical requirements if mass-reproduction of the translated material is planned. Subsequently, a science editor and proof-reader are engaged at another step behind.

Implementation Time
Implementation time is determined according to our clients' needs. Our standard "speed" is 14,000 - 18,000 characters (8 - 10 pages) per day per translator and 36,000 thousand character (20 pages) per editor. For much larger short-notice orders, as it so often happens, we form a work team comprising of an optimal number of translators, layout artists and editors. Within this framework, the editor assumes the heaviest burden for as much as he/she must ensure concordance of terminology and translation style. At the concluding phase, we engage proof-readers responsible for a specific and very crucial work.

When necessary, we are prepared to notarize and legalize our translation products with the Ministry of Justice.

Intellectual-Property Protection
In addition, we provide a wide range of intellectual-property protection services. In particular, we do not simply translate patent documentation but also prepare application papers at the level required by patent counsels and/or offices. This service allows our client to significantly curtail expenditures at the initial and subsequent patenting stages.

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